A very important test that we can take to see if we truly love God is to ask ourself; do we obey Him?
Obedience is a must. If God's word says something, we must obey it. Actually there is just no way of getting around it.

   For example, God's word tells us not to lie or steal. This means just what it says . Do not lie or steal! God put these commandments (rules) in His word because He knows what is best for us and He wants our joy to be full.

Another thing in which God wants our obedience is to avoid or have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness. This also means what it says. Have nothing to do with anything that Satan is behind, no matter what form it is in.

  Many forms of this subtle darkness may be in the entertainment that we like. Satan is behind a majority of popular movies, music, games, and books, etc. (We will be covering many of these things as we precede through this book).  

 One of the reasons it is important that we do not stay attached to these things is because it desensitizes us. This means that what we used to think was bad, we no longer think is bad. We have gotten used to the twisted lies and occult themes that many media productions have introduced through the years.  


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