Directions to Play Game:

In each chapter there are hidden pictures that have a code name. You must find all the pictures in each chapter throughout the book. Find all pictures for each chapter before moving on to the next chapter. After you find a picture, write down it's code name and keep a record of all the codes throughout the book. Pictures also must be recorded in the right order. If you miss a picture alone the way just go back and hunt again for the missing picture. For example, if you find picture four ahead of picture three just go ahead and record picture fours code number, but make sure it is recorded in the right order. I recommend you to keep your codes in a notebook so you can record them as you work your way through the book.


1). Start at Chapter one -"Two Kingdoms".

2). To see what pictures you will be searching for click on animation. Page will come up and show you what the pictures are that you must find.

3). As you find pictures don't forget to write down code number. You must have all the code numbers throughout the whole book to find out the hidden mystery message.

4). Hint - Read and run your mouse cursor over all words. Hidden pictures could be behind words, pictures or anywhere! Don't miss any page.

5). Have fun! You will also learn very much from this book. This is a true story of a real conflict that is going on between good and evil. Every man, woman, boy and girl should be aware of what is really going on around them. It is a battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Read and enjoy!

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