A Word to Parents:

Why this book? Because there are few books written that teach the younger generation about the important topic of Spiritual Warfare. There is a real spiritual conflict between good and evil going on all around us. All teaching in this book is based on the Bible, the word of God.

Our mission is to alert people of all ages about this battle and to teach them how to learn discernment, so Satan's lies will not deceive them. Our prayer is to share with children and adults how to receive eternal life through our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We teach about the devil and his lies, not to put fear in the younger generation, but to equip them in knowing how to trust in God and His word. They will learn that their is nothing to fear about Satan when they put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

This book is also very evangelistic and has many pages that teach about heaven and hell. We write about hell because Jesus also taught that it does exist and He warned about its reality many times. Our goal in this case is to teach our readers that there is a hell and it is to be feared. We do not leave anyone without hope. Everyone needs to make a decision to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior so they will not have to go to hell. The Lord Jesus Christ alone has the power to save, heal, and deliver us from all the works of darkness.

Our prayer is to equip the saints young and old alike so they will learn discernment and how to avoid the unfruitful works of darkness.


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