Have you ever been deceived? Most everyone has been. To be deceived means that you believed something and then you find out that everything you believed was a phony.


 For example take a hungry mouse searching for food. He smells the cheese and does not realize he is being drawn towards a trap that is meant to destroy him. 

 He innocently goes and begins nippling at the cheese in the mousetrap completely unaware of the danger because the cheese just tastes SO GOOD. Without warning the trap kills him. This mouse was totally deceived by something that tasted good.

Evil is the same way, if not avoided at all costs, it will begin to look and feel good. Satan will subtly draw you in one step at a time down a path that will harm you.


Be Wise So You Will Not Be Deceived
  How do you look ahead and see the dangers and deceptions that are evil? How do you avoid them? This is done by knowing and obeying what God's word says. We must put on the whole armor of God by faith in the word of God. (See Chapter Three)    


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