From Chapter 8 "Familiar Spirits" of the forthcoming book

Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion
by Eric Barger and David Benoit.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2000, Eric Barger and David Benoit.

UFOs "Identified"

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience... (Ephesians 2:2)

We want to take this opportunity to speak to the enormous fascination and confusion resulting from the ongoing craze about Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs. Nearly every day we hear increasingly about supposed UFO activity, alien beings, and their alleged interaction with and even abduction of humans. Reports of visitors from other worlds now permeate our society. Once relegated to the pages of sensationalistic tabloids or fantasy novels, suspected UFO activities are now reported about during the world’s most respected newscasts. During recent times, nearly every newspaper and television magazine program has discussed UFOs and aliens. Radio personality Art Bell became one of the most listened to hosts in history by dedicating multiple hours each night to the discussion of UFOs and the paranormal. Mainstream wire services abound with articles on the subject, asking questions like, "If Aliens Visit Earth, Will They Be Friendly?" and "Speak up ET! Thanks to NASA, If You’re Out There, We’re Listening." The sheer numbers who now report sightings have become dramatically more frequent. Though credibility may be questionable in some cases, and regardless of NASA’s lack of official comment, more than one astronaut has acknowledged that they have actually seen alien craft while in space.

During the last twenty-five years, UFOs have allegedly been sighted over nearly every major city worldwide, as well as over military bases and nuclear sites. From the rural backwoods to the main streets of our cities, sightings of unexplained phenomenon in the skies continue to mount. Entire city populations have witnessed UFO events that local governments could not explain, most notably a saucer-shaped UFO which hovered over downtown Mexico City in broad daylight, producing thousands of eyewitnesses in July of 1997. Pictures and video of that sighting were broadcast around the world. To this date, the much-reported event remains unexplained. It is no wonder that recent polls indicate that a majority of Americans believe that extraterrestrials most likely do exist. The study of UFOs or ufology has now become an obsession for multiple thousands, perhaps millions of people. All of this has contributed to the U.S. government spending millions of tax dollars trying to contact aliens.

Until 1954, only ten thousand people claimed that they had seen a UFO. However, it was around this time that the number of sightings skyrocketed. On November 29, 1973, a Gallup poll reported that fifteen million Americans had personally seen UFOs. Senator Barry Goldwater believed he saw a UFO. Boxer Muhammed Ali and Prince Charles both say they saw UFOs. Actor William Shatner claims that his motorcycle stopped in the desert and UFOs led him to safety. Even former president Jimmy Carter claims to have seen a UFO. Christopher Columbus reportedly saw UFOs four hours before he discovered America in 1492. And then there was the highly publicized sighting that guitarist Jimi Hendrix believed he had at the Woodstock Pop Festival in 1968. However, we surmise in Hendrix’s case that what he thought he saw was probably induced by the LSD he had taken! But what about the millions of others?

Perhaps for us the most impressive barometer of just how expansive the study and discussion of UFOs has become happened during the writing of this book. While researching, we went to the World Wide Web and entered the term "UFO" into the powerful Inktomi search engine, which gleans prospective web sites across the Internet according to any desired search term. The results were staggering. As of mid-July 2000, the Inktomi search engine, which supplies Yahoo, AOL, MSN,, and other search engines and directories with data, recorded a whopping 428,405 Internet web sites with information on UFOs! And that is just a partial figure, for the technology used in search engines normally picks up only the sites where embedded keywords actually reflect the exact term being searched for, such as "UFO"! Truly, the phenomenal interest surrounding UFOs has reached uncanny proportions today.


Alien Public Relations

Perhaps Hollywood’s spotlight on the topic has done more to further the UFO craze than any other single thing. Obviously, there has been a constant stream of motion picture and television programming built around outer space, beings from other worlds, and space travel. Leading the way were movies like Close Encounters, Alien, and Star Wars, as well as the extremely popular television and movie series’ "Star Trek" and "The X Files." And of course the blockbuster, ET: The Extra Terrestrial.

Over the years, the improvement in the quality of Hollywood’s presentations has truly been staggering. Great advancements have been made since the early days of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Now, the electronic age has brought with it the capacity to blend ultra-surrealism with near absolute believability in recent box office hits such as, Armageddon and Independence Day. Coupled with the state-of-the-art theaters of today, filmmakers have been able to employ ingenious electronic special effects, making powerful presentations that have deeply impacted viewers. While the special effects may be phenomenal, Hollywood’s "magic" has left an unmistakable effect of a different sort on the lives of many people. The line between fantasy and reality has become more blurred with each passing year. The realism and tremendous effects leave the impression that there is at least a possibility that what one is viewing could be reality. Adding to this is the volume of actual real-life news reports concerning the very things that are now also supernatural subject matter for the big screen. Through news coverage, in books, and in particular, Hollywood’s capitalization on the subject, there is no doubt that a psychological conditioning of the culture concerning the possible existence of UFOs and alien beings has taken place. However, the question remains: What would we do if and when a UFO should land on the White House lawn? What reaction would Americans have to such an event, let alone a hostile attack such as depicted in Orson Well’s classic radio play and subsequent motion picture War of the Worlds?

Have there been government cover-ups intended to shield us from knowing the truth? Are there really alien beings being held by our military deep in the Nevada desert at the secretive base know only as "Area 51" or elsewhere? Was there really a UFO crash and subsequent news blackout at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947? If so, who piloted the ill-fated craft and where are the remains of the occupants today? Are we really being visited by beings from outer space? Or are we experiencing an elaborate, well-orchestrated brainwashing in an attempt to make us believe we have otherworldly visitors among us? If so, why and by who?


What Do You Believe? 

Here are four scenarios that cover the UFO question.

 1. UFOs are a hoax and do not exist. There has undoubtedly been some hoaxing through the years, but the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that there are indeed vehicles or craft in our physical reality that are unexplained, thus Unidentified Flying Objects.

 2. If UFOs exist, they are man-made and merely a part of secret military operations, testing and refining secret technologies around the world. This possibility exists also and certainly could be the case in some instances. But again, the evidence seems to suggest that nothing mankind has invented could be responsible for the majority of the sightings to date.

 3. UFOs exist and are piloted by beings from outer space. Questions abound if this is the case. Are they here just observing us? Are they friendly? Or will they eventually become hostile? Are all of the UFOs sighted from the same planet or galaxy, or do we have multiple civilizations visiting us simultaneously?

      One would think that if aliens actually desired to make contact that we would have at least one rock-solid, irrefutable close encounter of the third kind, complete with credible eyewitnesses and proof to substantiate it beyond question, before the military could seal off the area and deny everything. If they actually wanted to make contact with us and really are of superior intelligence, wouldn’t you think that by now they would have figured out that the best way to do so is to actually appear and land in a populated area—not Roswell, New Mexico, or Sedona, Arizona? This rather diminishes the argument that New Agers have advanced, which states that aliens are here to teach us and help us stave off elimination as a race. As a New Age author or leader, wouldn’t it do wonders for your ego (and probably your checkbook as well), to believe that otherworldly beings have picked you out of the over five billion inhabitants of earth to communicate their still–secretive agenda to?

      We can deduce as well that if alien beings were casing earth for a possible takeover, they would have likely made their move by now. If they can come from other worlds, it stands to reason that their technology, and presumably their intelligence, could overpower us quicker than you can say, "Take me to your leader." No, it appears that so far UFOs have purposely eluded mankind for the most part, being revealed only enough to let the mystique and speculation build to unprecedented heights. We believe this is no accident.

      Note that evolutionists and atheists could theoretically line up with any of the three possibilities above, but could never agree with our last scenario, which is the one these authors believe.

 4. UFOs are not from another galaxy. It is our personal belief that the UFO/alien phenomenon is one hundred percent inspired and engineered by Satan. They are actually demonic materializations in a very well orchestrated plan to deceive mankind and condition him to accept the supernatural in the end days. Thus, any alien beings that have been sighted or communicated with are demonic in nature. In fact, we believe in the very real possibility that aliens/UFOs could play a defining role in either events surrounding the explanation of the Rapture of the church and/or the subsequent rise to power of the Antichrist. We are not alone in this belief. Some of the greatest Christian minds of this century, including Dr. Walter Martin, thought the same.


The Identity of Aliens

In examining the UFO and alien phenomenon from both a biblical and New Age point of view, there are striking parallels. Though New Agers do not regard alien beings as demons, the information that some New Agers claim to have received from them certainly substantiates our belief that the Bible identifies these previously Unidentified Flying Objects and their occupants.

First, if you wish to study UFOs, you need to visit the occult section of your local library to find information. This in itself should be a tip-off. There you will find books with such titles as, Science and the Paranormal: Probing the Existence of the Supernatural, Creatures from UFOs, and The Supernatural From ESP to UFOs. A perusal of the Internet shows the same mixture of UFO and occult information on many of the same web sites as well. In fact, the array of web pages that correlate New Age beliefs, the occult, and UFOs is blatant and staggering. For example, one web site advertised itself as follows:

"This site contains a huge amount of New Age and Spiritual information including Astrology, Wicca and Pagan, UFOs & ETs, Ascension, Earth Changes, Channellings (sic) Crystals, Dreams, Divination, Angels, Magick, Karma, Meditation and Healing."

Another said: "Channeling, Reiki, new-age, metaphysics, Feng Shui, angels, chakras, spirit, Bortner, masters, healing."

Still another ad said: "New Age Web Works Supports and informs the New Age, UFO, Pagan, Occult and Alternative Spirituality communities."

If aliens really are coming from other planets, why are they so closely linked with the occult? Why would occultists and New Agers have a corner on the market in communicating with aliens, if indeed they were actually from another world? The answer is simple but often ignored. The occult is about one thing—power from or communication with the spirit realm. Though most New Agers believe that aliens have chosen them to communicate with due to their spiritual "enlightenment," that’s not really the case. What has actually attracted these beings who claim to be aliens is the proclivity New Agers have for spiritualism and other occult practices. Occultists and New Agers are versed in communicating with the spirit world—exactly where these "aliens" originate. So associating UFOs, aliens, and the occult together is for us a no-brainer. The outgrowth of the UFO phenomenon is doctrinally rotten. It lines up again and again with the world of the occult—not with God’s Word. If for no other reason, this is why we believe these "aliens" to be nothing but masquerading demonic intruders, who are weaving a deceitful web in order to further trap millions today.

Even without integrating biblical understanding we see that both New Agers and UFO researchers concur, that there is indeed reason to believe that UFOs actually originate from another dimension and not from other planets or galaxies. Jay Allen Hynek, probably the world’s foremost expert on ufology, said: "I do not believe they are coming from another planet. I believe they are coming from a parallel reality." We believe the parallel reality he is referring to would be the non-three dimensional supernatural realm described in the Bible. Entertaining this idea should be no quantum leap for the Christian. After all, Scripture reminds us that the Devil IS the "prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2) and the "god of this world" (2 Corinthians 4:4). Plus, we have instances throughout Scripture where angels appeared and operated in the natural physical realm in which we live. Let us remind skeptics for example that angels came to Abraham to announce Sarah’s pending pregnancy (Genesis 18). They also came to Sodom and led Lot to safety (Genesis 19). And an angel appeared at the tomb of Christ announcing that He was risen to the two Mary’s (Matthew 29). In the first two instances, the angels were presumably dressed in the garb of the time and ate human food. They all communicated in the earthly languages of those they met as well. This harmonizes perfectly with the warning we are given in Hebrews 13:2 to be careful to entertain strangers for they could be angels. All of this biblical evidence certainly gives good explanation as to how UFOs and their occupants could indeed maintain prolonged physical materialization. To magnify his plan for this age, Satan could, will, and does use many means to deceive his prey. He is the father of lies and illusion and his leash seems to get a bit longer with each passing day as we race toward the climax of the church age and the Tribulation to follow. That plan includes UFOs.

In her 1979 best-seller, Aliens Among Us, Ruth Montgomery broke new ground within the New Age community by laying out a case for the idea that some "humans" had evolved beyond the point of being born or going through childbearing. She believes that these beings who have come from "beyond the veil" are actually living as humans here on earth. She deemed these ETs "walk-ins." Millions say they’ve had past life experiences, which seems to verify the concept of reincarnation, so why not the belief that you were previously an alien life form? Sound far out? Well, there are a number of Internet web sites, some very intellectual, some very weird, that advertise themselves as touch points for these "walk-ins" to meet and share ideas and experiences. The first line on the back of Montgomery’s book reads: "Prepare to meet our wondrous gods from beyond the earth." In researching "walk-ins" we found it interesting that the common denominators appear to be a belief in angels, UFOs, and the occult. To us, this is just one more confirmation that aliens and demons are one in the same.

This article was used by permission from Eric Barger and David Benoit's book, "Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion, Hearthstone Publishing Ltd, 2000, chapter 8.

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