. . . by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman

Based upon the assumption that alien contacts are demonic in nature, the following observations may prove critical. A more complete study of demonology and spiritual hygiene is beyond the scope of this appendix, but the following should prove helpful as a beginning. (It is assumed that the reader is a Christian. If not, see the concluding portions of chapter 14.)

1. Some form of idolatry in the family background within the previous four generations.(
1) Obvious examples are demonic religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Voodoo, Scientology, New Age groups, etc. Also, parlor games such as Ouija boards, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Don't overlook or dismiss more subtle forms of idolatry such as rebellion, arrogance, (2) immorality, impurity, greed, (3) gluttony, (4) et al.

2. Sins of the mind where the person does not retain control over his thoughts,(5) such as drug use, (6) transcendental meditation, occultism, (7) hypnosis, uncontrolled anger, (8) etc.

3. Attitudinal issues: excessive guilt and sorrow, (9) pride, (10) lack of sexual self-control, lack of mental peace,(11) disobedience to known truth,(12) secular values,(13) insolence to Christ,(14) breaking marriage vows, casting off early faith, being idle, a busybody, tattler, or malicious talker,(15) arrogance.

4. Volitional participation with demons or the spirit world in a non-Biblical context.(16)

1. Explicit renunciation of any/all of the above before the Throne of God.
(17) There is a "24-hour hotline" available at any time! It is accessible from the privacy of your own will through prayer.

2. Ask to receive the benefits of the completed action of Jesus Christ on your behalf.(18)

3. Undertake a specific commitment to the serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.(19) Make a diligent effort to "put on the whole armor of God."(20)

4. Spend time with God in prayer every day.(21)

5. Identify and participate in a fellowship of Christian believers in which the teaching of the (entire) Bible receives the primary priority.(22) Flee any cult groups that do not restrict their allegiance and authority to the Word of God and/or deny the deity of Jesus Christ uniquely.(23)

1. Reject any invitations, deny any requests, and flee an involvement.

2. Take command and plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on your behalf. (25) If you rely on Him, you are in a position of absolute authority.(26) Don't allow yourself to be "bluffed."

3. Seek prayer and counsel from someone who clearly has a adequate Biblical background.(27)

4. Do not allow yourself to be hypnotized.

5. It is a warfare. You are a target. The enemy's primary weapon is deception and deceit. Your primary weapon is the Word of God. Your armor is listed in Ephesians 6:10-18. Study these seven elements diligently.

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