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Pastor Richard's Testimony

I was born and brought up from a Roman Catholic background. My parents had dedicated me to serve as a Roman Catholic father in my childhood. In 1981 my dad came down with a severe case of tuberculosis so he became bedridden. The doctors all forsook him and our whole family lived a very hard and tearful life.

My mother began to go to an Assemblies of God Church and there she received a prophetic word from the Lord. God promised that He would deliver her family from the spirit of witchcraft. After this, the Lord healed my dad from the tuberculosis and my family got delivered out of the Roman Catholic Church and came to know the true Lord. Even though the Lord had done this wonderful miracle I was still not willing to dedicate my life to the Lord.

Alone one day, in 1986 I went to take a bath in the river but accidentally got into deep water and I could not swim. As I began drowning my soul cried “Lord, I am going to hell please save me and I will serve you in all my life”. Suddenly a hand grabbed me out of the deep water and pulled me out to safety. When I came out of the water there was no one there! God had supernaturally saved me! There I dedicated my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One night about six months later, our power had gone out. I went outside to check on our chickens because I heard them crying very loudly. I reached my hand in the dark to try and find out why the chicken was crying. As I felt the chicken, something pulled it away. Suddenly God spoke to me, saying: “Richard leave it, cobra is there! Quickly I went to get a torchlight and shined it in the place where I felt the chicken and I saw the cobra’s body! God had miraculously saved me the second time!

After this, I felt to pray everyday from ten AM to one PM. I felt the Lord was asking me: “Richard, if you don’t come to my ministry, who will come to do my ministry from your house? So instead of getting a secular job I began working for the Lord. I went to Bible school and received my B.TH degree.

In the year 1999, I was working with Assemblies of God, Campus Crusade for Christ and I felt called of the Lord to do His ministry at Vadipatti with my brother Pastor Britto.

God has opened the way for me to preach the Gospel among those with leprosy, those who are blind, hospital patients, street kids, north Indian tribal peoples and work among Independent pastors. He has allowed me to care for orphans, support and send out missionaries, equip and train youths and lead the outreach teams to preach the Gospel in the villages