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Pastor Britto's Testimony

I grew up in a Roman Catholic background. Following this path I had found no peace in my heart and I felt so much emptiness in my life. Many times I would ask, “who is God”? But since my Father and Mother had a Roman Catholic background, they had taught me to repeat repetitious prayers. So many times I would repeat these prayers over and over but I never had any peace when I did this. No matter what I had done in the past I could not get this peace. Growing up I had some knowledge of who Jesus was but I had not had a life changing experience. At the age of fifteen I was desperately seeking God. One day I knelt down and prayed, I do not know who you are Jesus but I really need to have peace in my mind. As I was crying out to Him, I felt His presence so strong and He began revealing Himself to me. I realized that I was a sinner and that I must be different, and my sins were preventing me from getting this peace with God that I desired. I realized that I was unqualified to stand before God in my sins. Right then I began asking Jesus to forgive me and then I committed myself to Him and asked Him to be my Lord and savior. When I asked Jesus Christ to cleanse me from all my sins this is when I got this true peace in my mind. I began crying and telling Him that I loved Him and immediately I felt the peace and joy that I had been seeking for so long. Christ had filled my heart with His love. The very next day I began sharing my experience and changed life with a friend. After this I began growing in the Lord as I attended a church and received discipleship from my pastor. My pastor encouraged me to go into the ministry and gave me many opportunities to preach.

In 1993 I attended Bible School at Madurai, India. The first year of school the Lord used me to plant a church at Vadipatti with the help from other students. I graduated from school in 1996 with my B.TH. After my graduation, I felt called by God and I committed my life to do the ministry in Vadipatti, which is a very hard place.

Since then the Lord has helped me to start seven churches, to support poor pastors, equip believers for ministry, children’s ministry, film ministry, to teach disciple training programs for youths and lead these teams into villages to preach the Gospel.