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About the
King James Version
of the Bible in HTML

The King James Version Bible has been placed in the Public Domain, which means there is no copyright (nor can there ever be one) on this software.

This Bible consists of 1,189 "flat" HTML Web pages. All that is required is to have a Computer and a Browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

This Bible was created by using Visual Basic 5.0 to convert and load public domain Bible texts to an Access 97 database, where another VB program checked the data for accuracy. A third program then converted the data from Access to 1,189 chapter text files and an index file with .htm extensions, with the appropriate HTML tags inserted for presenting the data in a table format. The VB program wrote the hyperlinks between each adjoining chapter and to and from the index page. Hyperlinks between related verses concerning the same topic have been manually installed.

To increase access speed, each chapter of the Bible is presented as one HTML file. There are 1,189 chapter-files in the Internet Bible, plus an index and About file. The chapter filenames are arranged as follows:

"B" "B" stands for "Book". Files must begin with an alpha character.
"2 digit Book Number" 01 to 66. 01 is for Genesis, 66 for Revelation
"C" "C" stands for Chapter
"3 digit Chapter Number" 001 to 150 for Psalms chapter 150.
".htm extension" Files must have an .htm extension to be viewed by the browser.

For Genesis 1, the filename will be B01C001.htm. For Matthew 24, the filename will be B40C024.htm