Does It Pass God's 3-Question Test for Truth?

Table of Contents


Mormon Test For Determining Truth

Praying to know truth
Shaking hands to know truth

God's Test For Determining Truth

The Bible test

Question #1 - A Different God

There is only one God
God has always been God
God as taught by Mormonism
Joseph Smith's teachings about God
Brigham Young's teachings about God
Other Mormon teachings about God

Question #2 - Failed Revelations

The Toronto prophecy
Bethlehem or Jerusalem?
Zion prophecies
Zion's collapse
Temple was not built
Potsherd prophecy
The white prophecy
LDS explanation of change

Question #3 - A Different Gospel

Bible teachings on the Gospel
Works cannot make a person right with God
Salvation and eternal life come through faith in Jesus
Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin
The gospel of Mormonism
LDS salvation is obtained by works
The inadequate blood of the Mormon Christ
Blood atonement
Other LDS teachings on salvation

Book of Mormon Witnesses


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Mormonism, Does It Pass God's 3-Question Test for Truth?

Attention: The material in this book attempts to accurately describe official Mormon doctrine in certain important areas. Therefore, quotes are included from several authorized sources of Mormon doctrine. However, this book does not claim to be authorized by or endorsed by the Mormon Church.

Copyrights of quoted Mormon materials belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church) or the copyrights are under their control.

Quotations from the Bible are from the King James Version.

This book by Sonny Bowman is used by permission. If you have questions or comments, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Sonny Bowman or check the links to Related Sites.

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