The Sacrifice
   Joshua's heart was pounding. He had been waiting weeks for this day. It was his 12th birthday.  
 He couldn't wait to open his gifts. He was looking for one particular gift.It was a new racing game for his video game system.  

This was a very exciting birthday. His parents, aunt and uncle had surprised both him and his cousin Billy by having a party for both of them. Billy's birthday was three days later than Joshua, so the parents had decided to celebrate them together. 

   It was now time to open the gifts. Joshua and Billy happily ripped open their gifts. A big smile appeared on Joshua's face. He had received the game that he had been waiting for. He couldn't wait to play it.  

Joshua looked over at Billy to see what gift he had opened. Billy looked very sad. Billy had also received a game, but had not gotten the one he wanted, but rather it was a game that he already had! Billy looked up to see what gift Joshua had, and even more tears began to roll down his cheeks. Joshua knew that Billy had also wanted the same racing game.


Billy began begging Joshua to trade with him. Joshua thought it isn't fair that he should have to give up his gift just because Billy wanted it. But poor Billy would receive nothing for his birthday if he did not trade with him. Joshua looked at the sadness in Billy's eyes, and slowly handed him his precious gift that he had waited so long for. Billy's face lit up with joy as he took Joshua's gift.

What a sacrifice that must have been for Joshua to give up the gift he had wanted for weeks. Joshua was very kind to give it to his cousin Billy so he would not be sad.



 God Himself sacrificed His own Son for every man, woman, boy and girl.This was the greatest gift of all. God gave His only begotten Son. Jesus Christ gave His own life as a sacrifice for us. He died in our place, so we could be forgiven for all of our sins.We can receive this gift with joy.



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