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1). Who blinds the minds of mankind that they cannot understand the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?

A). The Mormon Church

B). False preachers

C). Satan


2). Can Satan appear to become anything to lead a person away from God?

True or False?


3). What is the true Gospel? Circle the one that is false.

A). Jesus is God and should be worshipped

B). Salvation is by Jesus Christ alone

C). Salvation is by our own good works

D). Jesus rose from the dead and overcame death.


4). Where does fear come from?

A). God

B). Satan

C). Angels


5). A doorway is to allow occult influences into your life; oujia board, New Age teachings, obsession with UFO's, yoga, divination, etc.

True or False?


6). We should always use the Bible as our main guide in every aspect of our life?

True or False?


7). What is the ultimate goal in life?

A). To drive a car

B). To have a family

C). To buy a house

D). To have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?


8). What happens when we submit ourself to God and resist the devil?

A). He will flee from us

B). He will torment us more

C). He will stop hating you


9). If a person is not saved when can they be saved?

A). tomorrow

B). today

C). When they die


10). God has not given us a spirit of fear. What three things has he given us?

1).________ 2).________ 3). ________


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