Satan the Defeated Enemy
   A few years ago I was at a zoo looking through the bars at a beautiful full-grown male lion. I was enthralled by the strength and magnificence of this king of the beasts. What beauty and wisdom God used when He created this awesome animal!  

This lion was in a building and one of the zoo keepers was working above his cage. Suddenly, without warning, the keeper began making lots of racket. The lion, with fear in his eyes and his back feet sliding, made a frantic attempt to escape and to find any type of cover so he could hide. The noise had totally startled him and had caused him to freak.

 My husband and I both laughed as we realized that in a sense this lion was no different than our housecats at home. They to would slide their back feet on the floor or jump straight up in the air at any loud noise or anything out of the ordinary.


The silly part was that not a whole lot could hurt this "King of the Beasts", but here he was making a show out of just a noise. Even though he could be very dangerous, he was also cowardly.

Satan is the same way. We should never undermine his power but he is nothing against a prayed up, Bible-believing Christian who can defeat him with God's word. When Satan is faced with the word of God, he runs and the demons tremble.

A Christian is to live a life of victory. We are not to fear our adversary, the devil because Jesus has already defeated him by his death on the cross (Hebrews 2:14).