It is very important that God's children avoid all the works of darkness "Abstain from all appearance of evil" (1 Thessalonians 5:22) Abstain means to "avoid" or "go without".  

 For example, if your friends want to watch a movie or play a game that you know is not pleasing to God and you decide not to take part in watching or playing it, this is to abstain from it.

 Remember, just because everyone else may be doing things that are against God's will, you can still decide against following after those things. There is always a reason God doesn't want you to be involved with anything evil. Think about it, how much more important is it to obey and please God, the creator of the whole universe, than to try to please and fit in with others who are not obeying God.  

   Being a Christian is not always easy, but a Christian is looking ahead to eternal life, which is much more awesome and exciting than anything we could ever do in this life.

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