Let's take a look at how the popular game of Pokemon lines up with God's word. Pokemon teaches children to depend on "psychic powers" and to trust in their "Pokemon" or "pocket monsters". The "good" creatures in the game use their occult powers (which are forbidden by God), to overcome "evil" Pokemon. Pokemon creatures show a power that is of a supernatural and spiritual source. Creatures such as Hypno, Mewter, and Haunter all display psychic powers. Just because these popular creatures are labeled "good" in the Pokemon game, does not mean they measure up in God's word.


 To achieve your goals in Pokemon you begin to believe it's OK to cast spells, use psychic powers, magic, poison, cheat, steal, deceive or kill others. You begin to believe these things, because many of the people who control our entertainment have lied to you, and have told you to believe that it is OK to take part in them.  

   Another false promise that the game of Pokemon teaches is that you can become your own "master". Did you know that all other religions around the world (except for Christianity), were brought into existence by Satan? Most all of these religions teach that you can become a god (master).. Remember the first big lie that Satan told in the Garden of Eden? The lie "ye shall be as gods". The Bible tells us, no one can become a "god" or a "master". This is a false promise. Satan, Adam and Eve all suffered terrible consequences for believing this lie and disobeying God.

   The New Age Movement theme can be detected once again throughout Pokemon. It is good to use your mind, but your mind should concentrate on good things, not evil things (see Philippians 4:8-9). When children play this game, many begin to get mixed-up between what is real and what is make-believe. The game becomes reality to them and pulls them into the story like they were really there. This is what the game was meant to do. It is dangerous, because your mind is busy focusing on things that God hates, rather than on things God loves.  
     Many children believe they have power at their fingertips, the power to give commands. This is magic and it is a very destructive power that will lead only into Satan's trap.

   Did you know that those who call themselves "Wizards of the Coast" created the Pokemon game? These wizards are calling themselves something that God has forbidden. Let me make it clear that God loves the person, but hates the practice of a wizard. These "Wizards of the Coast" are also the creators of "Dungeon's and Dragon's" and "Magic:The Gathering". These games also have many occult forbidden practices in them, that need to be avoided.
   Overall, Pokemon is teaching you how to practice witchcraft and sorcery. It is teaching you to put your trust in Satan's occult forces which are in reality "demonic spirits". Satan wants to attract you to these things by making them fun for you to play or watch on TV, while in a sneaky way, he draws you away from the true God who loves you.

 Just remember, these things are not pleasing to a God that truly loves you! I pray that all of you who are addicted to Pokemon will decide that your Pokemon game just is not worth it!

Nothing is worth getting between you and God. If you are already a Christian, you must ask God's forgiveness from being involved in these forbidden practices. Christians must separate themselves from these things. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 very clearly to; "Abstain from all appearance of evil".

 You see, God did not put verses in the Bible to disallow us from doing fun things, but to protect us from evil.  

 You must decide who you would rather follow; God, your loving creator or Satan, the master deceiver?
   Do you want to learn how to follow Jesus Christ the one who loves you and made you? Find out here!


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