Did you know since the beginning of time that most every religion or cult (except for Christianity) in the whole world has believed one of the first lies that has been told by Satan?  

   Satan told a lie that gave a false promise. A false promise is something that sounds true, but is a lie. It is very important to understand what Satan actually told Eve that convinced her to rebel against God so you will not fall for this same old lie. Satan told Eve that she could be a god. Eve believed and delighted in this false statement made by the serpent.

 Eve ate of the forbidden fruit that God commanded her not to eat of and then she also gave some to Adam. Satan's lie led Eve to become disobedient against God and this sin caused destruction to enter the whole earth. Mankind was now separated from God because of this sin of disobedience. (See Genesis 3).  

The New Age Movement Teaches False Doctrine (truths)
 To believe that you as a human being are a god is not true. We are created by God and we our His creation (read about the creation). There is only One who is the creator and that rules and reigns forever.He is the LORD God. No person can be God.  

This is what the popular New Age Movement teaches. They teach that every person has within themselves god-like qualities that need to be known and used. Remember, Satan once believed this about himself, and he was cast out of heaven. Both Satan, Adam and Eve lost everything because they put themselves above God by believing they could be as gods.

Avoid anything that teaches New Age doctrines. These teachings are taught by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.


   Learn how to have a relationship with the God of the Universe. His name is Jesus Christ!


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